Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Bit My Tongue....

And I don't mean I bit my tongue so I wouldn't speak anything that shouldn't be spoken. I really bit my tongue. Have you ever bit your tongue? I know this isn't up there with John Edwards sex tape or the national and world news but it's up there. I was driving from one client to another eating my turkey, ham, cheese, mayo, and mustard sandwich along with some Kosher Dill pickle with each bite! Yes I can drive and do that. What was tougher to do was to accidentally bite my tongue to the degree I considered (my mind considered, I didn't) passing out. I saw my life pass before me in 3-D IMAX, rushing, pouring, devouring, all the while (15 seconds) trying not to realize there was a red substance from the tongue mixing with the ham, turkey, cheese, mustard and pickle. Not to mention the pain. P A I N! The kind of pain that brings you to your knees, then the ground, then the lites out type pain. Now I take pain well, so know this was a dandy bite, not a Twilight Bite! Back to the real bite.....Rather than faint out, I stared at the road ahead with a gaze of intentional decision not to die from this pain, or bring harm to any other human being. I held my own for what seemed like infinity, well an hour anyway. Truth be told...The seconds passed, then a minute, then another. Going, going, gone? No I didn't die.... I, the pain, just became withstandable. That was worse than coffee burn the tongue, burn the throat, burn the esophagus going down! Yes worse. I am totally proud of myself for maintaining control of the one got killed.....I didn't see the big light. You know, God. No mid death experience of my Gramma Tillie in the rear view mirror, or Uncle Albert sittin next to me coaxing me either way, you know, up or down! Nope, none of I am healing in the natural world with salt water mouth washes and meanwhile able to eat, but no catsup or hot sauce. The only diet that is acceptable is chocolate, Scotch, wedding cake, and more chocolate ....its soooo healing. Ever know anyone that kidded themselves? Me either. That picture is not me. Really.
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