Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gracie Poddied on Someone's Carpet!!

My helper Maria and I were at the neighbors with Gracie Allen today. Maria called me into their bedroom and said, "There is a heart on the floor and I don't know where it came from!" So I hurried in there only to see Maria bending down touching it. She exclaimed, "It's wet!" I looked at her very wide eyed and said, "Oh my God, Gracie peed a heart!" Maria ran for paper towels and I said, "Wait," as I put my hand on her arm gracefully, "At least she peed with Love." And we both broke out into huge laughter...meantime Gracie is scampering off feeling much better having left her mark of love behind. I truly have never seen such a thing as this heart-mark left by a dog.
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