Sunday, January 10, 2010

Giving at a Young Age...This is Olivia

Ever since she was two years old, Olivia has wanted to be a veterinarian. She has not wavered from that choice. But at her seventh birthday party, she took things one step further. "She doesn't feel she needs any more things," said her Mom, Lita Napadensky. "Instead, she wanted to give to the School of Veterinary Medicine." In lieu of presents, Olivia asked her party guests to make a donation toward the purchase of the school's TomoTherapy unit. Or alternatively, to purchase dog or cat treats for animals that need to make frequent visits to the Veterinary Medial Teaching Hospital for cancer treatments, or coloring books and toys to occupy children who accompany their parents and pets on hospital visits... "What a caring thing to do!" exclaimed Dr. Ruthanne Chun, one of the oncologists at the school, when she heard what Olivia had done for the cause.
(above article from "On Call" U.W. School of Veterinary Medicine, November 2009 issue)
Olivia and her parents have been clients of mine for a long time. They lost their best friend Ben, a Golden Lab, to cancer in the past couple years. Olivia experienced this loss at an early age of five, long after her desire to be a veterinarian was heard by all. Ben is dearly missed by all who knew him. Since then the family adopted another friend named Amber, pictured above. Amber is an amazingly gently sweet spirited animal.
Olivia has a beautiful home and family unit. She was adopted as an infant into this family from another country where poverty was beyond what any of us might every imagine. I would say what a lucky young girl she is, but then I think we are all the lucky ones to have her in our country with such positive aspirations to help the helpless. Not even knowing she was one of those at one time herself. Certainly there are a heavenly host of Angels guiding this little one all the way.
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