Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dog on Top of the Tree...

I should have posted this closer to the other side of Christmas...but then it is now the other side of Christmas isn't it? So here it of my client's tree topper. I asked them politely not to pack it away until my next visit when I had my camera. Actually I had my camera along but it was 30 degrees below zero in car, me in house...not going outside for the camera to take a picture of the above cutie! My clients have two dogs, Lucy and Cricket...Lucy is an older Golden Retriever and Cricket is a Sheep Dog, you know the ones with the hair over their eyes...and she is a rescue dog who loves to bark. We are thankful her owners are very patient and loving. We all love Angels with the feelings of safety and protection they carry and extend to us... And I suspect and have read there are animals that help us from beyond our earthly dimensions. For instance, animals that have saved people from fires only to disappear suddenly. Humm, Touched by an Animal, sometimes same as Touched by an Angel! Hey remember Lassie. I will say I can BARELY remember Rin Tin Tin... Actually I cant remember him, only a few re-runs of a German Shephard named Rin Tin Tin. But I do remember Lassie. Benji, Old Yeller, Lady and the Tramp, Spuds, Shep, Astro, Spike, Toto, Marmaduke, Goofy, Chloe, Bulls Eye, Beethooven, The Shaggy Dog, Dino, Clifford, Scooby Doo, Marley, Bo, and on and on. I was truly touched by this little Doggie Angel Tree Topper.... as well as I thought it was funny, and wanted to share it. I have amazing wonderful memories of the dogs I have shared my life with.... Toucher, Poochie, Barney, Major, Daisy, and now Gracie. They enriched my life. But I am not sure I would put their head on top of my tree... or maybe I would.
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