Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dinner for Breakfast

I cant do eggs and their umbilical attached cords for breakfast. Only in baked goods after total mixing of cords and yolk and protective gel is all combined and I cant see it or think about exactly where it came from. So feel free to evaluate that if you wish..."done care!" I prefer my Kashi dinners for breakfast. I get ample protein, total enjoyment from the spices and fun from the noodles. Of course I am bored and in need of stimulation. If spices and noodles do it for me, so be it for now. Only prob is I noticed this healthy little tray of fun and excitement has 45 grams of carbohydrates. Holy Cow Shitski! That is an entire days carbs for this old egg. The good? I ate it early so I can wear it off before its too late... get it? And I am totally satisfied. Oh brother what a sick inference that turned out to be. Eggs, morning, and satisfaction...hummm
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