Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to Gradeschool at Barnes and Noble

I stopped at Barnes and Noble bookstore the other day and came home with four wonderful books. One offers information regarding the tendencies my life will take from the day I was born. Another tells how to have a clean body using lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and so on. My favorite one is called "A Lifetime Burning" by Richard Quinney, about a family and the many "things" they acquired on the inside and outside, during one generation. Then to the checkout before I purchased Divas! And a couple other wonderful books. The line is long! I exercise my manners as I stand "in waiting." I am next but nothing is happening. Time passes...nothing is happening. I see one of several checkouts open so I turn to the woman behind me for strength and reassurance as to whether to proceed. She says, go! So I did! I cautiously walked the fifteen feet in slow motion with absolutely no confidence that what I was doing was alright. As I reflect on it now it is weird what happened. So I get to the open checkout and the lady looks at me, wavingly points her finger toward the line and says, "I will call on you when we am ready." Let me say I scampered right on back in line as the ten people looked on watching my second grade insecurities pop out all over the place. And the lady that urged me to walk on out there on my own had a look on her face I wish I could relay to you. She mouthed to me, "SORRY!" and then covered her mouth with her hand and made her eyes into big eeewwwws. I quietly stood there until called upon. That hasn't happened to me in many decades but it happened two days ago. Since then I have grown back up and consider myself over it all better now.
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