Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I Got For Christmas

I wanted more. I wanted a diamond necklace and new boots. I wanted (two) orphaned children. I wanted/needed an updated wardrobe. I wanted new jama's. I wanted/needed a vacation. I wanted love. I wanted my boys all home for the Holidays. I wanted a duplex, and yes with checks. I wanted a years worth of toilet paper and baggies. (Just a "thing" with me)
I wanted new carpet. I wanted updated furniture. I wanted a home big enough for a few more animals. (Don't worry, I am not cat-lady material) I wanted a friend to share life with. I wanted a new mattress for my back. I wanted a new car for my daughter. I wanted homes for the homeless. I wanted a flat screen TV and an HD radio. I wanted a fancy scanner that scans fifty pictures at a time. I wanted a wicker hanging swing for my porch come Spring. I wanted a massage chair for my back. I wanted a dentist who takes payments. I wanted a face lift, mini one would do for now. I wanted to take writing classes so I can work on my book. I want to finalize the other book, Crestview,The Road Back. I wanted new shoes called Nuots. Something like that. I wanted security. A hotel room with a whirlpool and big TV and no where to go for three days or more. Ballroom Dance lessons, (like my back would eat that mess right up!) I wanted more time. I wanted a decent haircut. I wanted allot of things most people want.
But I got these socks from someone that works for me... bless her heart, she ran to the dollar store and got me these socks and two candles! Damn I am lucky. And I got an all natural pine needle sachet from my son in Vegas. (It is nice) And, and, oh a MUG with my Grands Mugs on it. A Bethlehem flower from my friend....and, and, and....and..... I think that 's it. Wait, I did get $50 from my brother and sister in law. That is out of five children, six Grand children, and so on... Wow it was a great Christmas for me wasn't it? And yes I did give.... maybe it'll come back in other ways they say. And then a-gain....maybe I got more than some. But then a-GAIN, maybe it's time for a change. Ya-think? p.s. I hope no one read this before I say how much I truly appreciated these one dollar socks! Someone went out of their way on a busy day for me. It doesn't matter what they cost. That is exactly the sweet part of the whole discussion.
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