Thursday, December 17, 2009

We Got Ed!

Today has been straight out of Hellie! You know that place where shit happens. That place where you try to crawl out of a sand pit! Try that one and get back to me. Nasty people "pretending," humm, to be dogs biting you. Or wolves in sheep's clothing pretending to be what they are not and trying to take allot of your green paper. Cars, alternators, wreckers, liars, cheaters, and baking cookies while all this is going on. Youth and old age (The Grand and I) working together to figure it out. And we shall! The answer after a day of hellie is .........WE GOT ED! Better said, WE HAVE ED! Ed recently bought a Meineke Store in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He is a real authentic person. He used to take care of my Dodge Intrepid at a Madison Meineke before he "stepped up" and got his own franchise. And since then I gave my Grand Daughter that same Dodge Intrepid he had taken under his "wing." She is only 18, works at Hooters and needs that car. Since she moved in with me the blessed car has decided it needed four new tires, a battery, and now an alternator. Jeez! I already put over $7,000 in that little sweetie. Bless the G daughter, she is a bit overwhelmed at paying back hundreds of cash flow....but then what a lesson to get out of the way ........ We both had an extremely stressful day asking the Great Gma (not me) for help with this issue... That was no go! So we kept making cookies for Christmas gifts and after HOURS of true scary stress something told me we were OK... cause we got Ed! Ed felt comfortable telling me he had a week out of effing hell also. And I thought we had it bad....after hearing only a couple of his stories I went to my sweet Grand daughters bedroom door, knocked, and opened it, and said, "You know, I think Ed had a worse week that we had today." She agreed ... I said, " We will be fine, because we got Ed." He cares...and he will be alright also because he cares.... and its only green paper... p.s. You cant imagine the peace in this house even though the lights under the Angel, on the top half of our pre- lit tree, went out last night. Imagine that.
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