Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Thank God for Men"

Thank God for Men! I hadn't "thought that thought" or said that line for so many years that when I saw it in print on Face Book I just sat there and starred at it. Thank God for Men! Humm. I really never had that experience in a positive manner. Of course possibly due to improper chosing or "re-incarnation repair," I really don't know and also do not wish to rehash. But just maybe I should start saying that more often. I tried Good God that was a mess. I tried and paid for E-Harmony. That was ridiculous. If I wanted to travel hours for a date it may have been fine. I kept telling, NO WATER men, and only send the ones within 30-50 miles. They didn't listen and kept taking my money. And I never got the man that cost me $200+. I suppose that would have been considered a cheap date anyway. They say its what you put into it....yet for me the buck stopped there. I think I should be able to find a free man. If I hurry up that is. Time is taking whatever it wants to, even though the battle is on between us. Time and myself that is. Heck I could have had a half of a botox treatment for that $200+. Nevermind...and I almost said, "They aren't worth it." Men that is.... I have to start saying, "Thank God for Men." Good Men I should add. I do miss a good man. I think I can remember one or two whether merely passing by or maybe they stopped to say hi. Men can do good things. Move furniture. I'll think of more. Maybe later...time to go to work.
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