Sunday, December 13, 2009

Szymanowski Symphonies #2 and #3

Ah yes, doesn't that sound Symphonatic! I have a client that usually puts a classical CD on while we are at his home and I usually enjoy it. But this! Not! I thought I should lose my mind. I handled the Szymanowski Symphonies #2 and #3 for two hours plus! Never ending and surely like Chinese and Bush torture and beyond. The music should be used for torture and only torture. I could hear the talent but also wondered how the musicians could even think to read their music. Wait, maybe it was like a drug to them.... as the notes moved and the sound grew so did their intensities. For them it was like fireworks or like, sex.... making love with instruments... starting out slowing and moving to the ultimate climax.... except I don't want to listen to anyone making love so there you have it. It was NOISE to me...Loud noisy noise starting to pull fingernails out, or bright flashing white lights close to your eyes, or a charlie horse that wont go away for six hours, or plucking out all your eyebrows, and so on. That is why I wrote down the name of the CD so I could share its pain with all of you. Szymanowski's torture CD. My Tuesday nightmare in the morning. Nothing peaceful and soothing about that CD... never to hear it again. And I do have classical class. Just don't care for noise. It was like symbols over and over and over....which sent me into hate and anger. Which took some time to recover from and find my way out a bad clown, or danger. I'm OK was weeks ago.. (Ya think?)
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