Monday, December 7, 2009

My Scale is Possessed

As you all know I found a little Pomeranian/Chihuahua at the Humane Society two years and one month ago! And we have not been apart since. No healthy but fact. I am working with a dog trainer to desensitize her, Gracie, to a variety of life issues. Such as nail clipping, eating dog food instead of taco's and pizza, and knowing I will return if she is left alone. There to fore, she has not been spayed or had her million dollar teeth work yet. Because I have to leave her overnight at the clinic. Back to why my scale is possessed. Because it cost me several hundred dollars today. Grace has not been eating in her normal fashion for about two weeks. I was starting to get concerned about this. Although she would eat Duck jerky...humm, which gives her loosie goosie stoolie's! Today I came home from work and decide I will weigh the little dog. I get on the scale, it tells me what I weigh, omg! Then I weigh her and I. And here is the rest of the story.........
We get to clinic. She is shaking like a terrified Chihuahua. We talk, they do stool tests for worms, they take blood for many various issues, give her a rabies shot, walk around behind her and I with a cup attached to a long wand trying to get urine of which she would have no part of, then we talk more, they take her temperature... They WEIGHED HER! She weighed 6.9 ounces. My scale on the other hand is possessed! It told me she lost 3 pounds...when in fact she didn't. And furthermore.....I did not drama this mess either. She hasn't been eating normally or as usual. Vet gives me some pepcid AC ($5.00 at the store) and revolution for cats ears and Grace and I leave. It is late, almost five so I am going to eat my other half sandwich from lunch. And you better know I was hungry considering I had only eaten half a sandwich, chips, and some Dove Chocolate! Grace is starring at me with that "want my food stare" I haven't seen for awhile. So I chew a piece and give it to her. She EATS IT! IN FACT SHE ATE MOST OF MY SANDWICH AND MY CHIPS. My dog and my scale are possessed...trying to take my $$. Can you believe it ....I am in no mood. p.s. the scale is in the trash. The dog is in my lap on a heating pad. She seems a little down from her rabies shot or just plain tuckered out. Well ditto on that.
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