Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Insane O'clock

Isn't this disgusting? Half a tree! And it isn't like its not noticeable totally...great grammar going on here.
It's five a.m. and I have been up since three a.m. Why? Because I had a bad dream, wha wha... And then some sort of what some would call OCD kicked in and I couldn't stop singing that Christmas song about Barnie and Ben! It's still there two hours later. Oh yeah, "It's beginning to Look Allot like Christmas." How could I forget considering I have been singing it in my head all this time doi. So...I made a pot of coffee, a two cupper that is, no no, it is a four cupper?? Whatever, I drank it all, took a shower, did my nails, cleaned my bedroom, and now I am eating Tuna Casserole and telling someone in the world all about this little mess in my head. Not to mention that half blacked out Christmas tree.
As you do not know, the lights on the top of my pre lit tree went OUT! Total Blackout! I thought when one went out the rest were supposed to keep going. Isn't this 2009?
I was in great hopes the plug came out somewhere inside this fully decorated deal...but no such luck. All plugged in and no go on the top. So I just pull the mini blinds to that spot so no one outside can see it. But we can see it! My friend says to just string a stand up top....are u nuts? Like I said, a fully decorated tree. This year may be the first year my tree comes down the day after Christmas. Anyway it looks like Busch Gardens in many plants and no where for them to go. You see the Grand daughter recently moved into the spare room which meant everything had to come out. Well I only live in three rooms anymore. One great one with a bedroom off each side. Hence a garden of greens around my Christmas Tree. Pretty hilarious actually. Maybe I should have just hung some balls on the plants this time. Now that would have really been a "Bah humbug." I just had a chocolate chip cookie. I think when a person is very tired their brain calls out for food trying to spunk the body back up...or the brain and the body. But this is nuts. This is like a bad B movie called, "Looking for Food (Love) in all the Wrong Places!" It's not working and possibly I should stop eating now considering so far its been all carbs! Eating carbs at five a.m. while watching a half blacked out Christmas tree, singing about Barnie and Ben, and now trying to stay awake to go to work two jobs, then an MRI, then Post Office and somewhere in all that taking the dog out several times. Maybe a nap??? Doubtful.
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