Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grandma Tillie Jungbluth's Pffefer-nuts

I have written blogs before about my Grannie Tillie and how good she was to me, how she talks to me from another place or space or dimension. How I can smell her sometimes. She was good to me. She was never anything but a poor farm woman. She milked cows, made cheese and butter from an authentic "huge contraption" called a creme separator. (top photo because I cant get it to move down!) Grandma Till also raised chickens and geese and ducks and she baked cookies. The best cookies ever. She let me eat as many eggs as I wanted, and she hugged me all the time. When I hear the crows I am reminded of the sounds that woke me when I spent the night with her. (Oh and those dark green window shades too.) One would think evil, but it wasn't. Just crows on the farm. eewww. Back to cookies and her life. She told me she always wanted to be somebody. But, that she didn't know how.
So this year she will be somebody all over the United States of America. Grandma Tillie's traditional family Pffefer-nut cookies will and are being shipped all over the country to different relatives and they are under glass! Glass pickle jars that is. I have a friend that has a printing business called Tuxedo Printing, Madison, Wisconsin... and on a minutes notice, because the idea came to me in just about that fast a time, he made me those great labels in the above photo, just for Grandma Till.
I hope she is smiling and not thumping me for not getting enough flour in the dough. You see that 's her secret. These German cookies are to be rock hard and then dropped into hot coffee, let to sit a bit, spooned out to melt in one's mouth. Black strap pure molasses, corn syrup, peanuts, anise, and so on.... They are as amazing as she was. Merry Christmas Tillie, you are somebody special.

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