Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blizzards and Not the Ice Cream Kind...

This is tonight while trying to get home from work, the grocery store, and one Christmas errand. The snow was blowing sideways... of which my new Smart Phone did not catch the fullness of. It is Wisconsin! And it is December 23rd. The National Weather Service has said we are getting sleet, snow, sleet, ice, snow and more ice...until late tomorrow. That means if you want Christmas dinner you had to get whatever you needed NOW, Tonight in the sleet, ice, snow and more ice. Sure no problem. And if you weren't finished Christmas shopping, well, you had to get it done TONIGHT in the sleet, snow, ice and more ice. As you see I found myself behind a large snow plow. I am home now, with enough food for the dog, cat, me and Bree, and maybe one more visitor..... Merry Christmas
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