Friday, November 6, 2009

Tuesday's Anal Lady.......

Photo is of me from low pixel web cam "FREAKING OUT!"
I will not answer my phone on Tuesday nights ever again. At least as long as Anal Lady is a client. We are on our fourth or fifth Tuesday of working with her or is that against her? Personally I try to work with everyone, but I am thinking she is thinking the latter. And this is all about her thinking for sure. Anal Lady has a "perfectly perfect" clean home. The silver inserts on her stove do not have one mark on them from cooking for a family of four.... There isn't a spec of dust anywhere (well I did find some on top of the door frames) and cant wait to tell her at my perfectly perfect chosen time that is. So here's the deal. Maria and I where hired to clean her clean home. Do you know that its easier to clean and dirty home than a perfectly perfect one? So I wipe things down and dust the dusted and so on. Maria re-does the bathrooms and vacuums her way backwards out the door because Anal Lady wants to see the vacuum lines on the carpet. And so we then leave the perfectly perfect home. And every Tuesday night my phone rings and its "her!" Wish I could put drama music on here at this point. First week it was, "Did you forget to wash the floor inside the closet downstairs?" Second week it was, "Please dust the shelves inside the linen closet." (there is a two inch space in front of towels and sheets duh). The next week it was, "I know I am anal, but do you dust the SIDES OF THE DRESSERS!!!" The next week it was, "Did you dust the nic nacs on our dresser?" OK so now I am finally getting's Tuesday night and the call comes in with silly requests. So I said, "Yes we dust your niknaks paddy wak!" OK so I left off the paddy wak. Then she started to ask if we did something else ridiculous and I interrupted her, after praying silently for God to give me patience PLEASE and FAST! (I forgot to ask for understanding and kindness, oops.) I think he did as I blurted out, "You know Anal Lady, you were right, your kitchen floor was F I L T H Y!" eeeeeeekkkkkks. That is like telling an anorexic person they are fat or they gained weight. I knew it and I did it anyway. Mean? Nope, just don't want the Tuesday night terrorist calls anymore. And I am saving the filthy door frame line for next Tuesday's call. You see, telling her that anything in her house was or is filthy could send her to the padded room place. Did I feel bad. Sort of.....but not enough to worry about it. I have my own anxiety issues and thank God they don't go over the top, well most of them don't, like hers. I feel sorry for the dog who probably gets his rear cleaned off after doing his duty, not to mention the children whose toys are not played with but rather displayed in perfectly perfect baskets. Example, Doll house and in each room of the doll house is a basket for that rooms interior furniture and such. Being Anal Lady must be with her has to be worse, and being her child or dog....GOD FORBID! But then, bless her heart for sure for having such a problem. And bless mine for being a part of it!
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