Friday, November 6, 2009

Tortured Screaming Nail Clipping Day

Actually the bottom picture of my little buddy Grace is on our ride towards the tortured screaming nail clipping adventure, of which I purposely did not videotape. People think she is dying! Her dog trainer, above photo, Jamie Mueller, slash nail trimmer owns a CURVES studio and when we arrive Grace tries so diligently to communicate with me (by licking my neck and trying to hide there also) that this is a bad thing for her. And it is! Her anxiety level is TEN. I felt so badly for her but it had to be done. I said, "Hey, I don't want her to have a heart attack!" I was assured that wouldn't happen but I wasn't so sure. We went yesterday and today and will go next week trying to de-sensitize her to this nail clipping deal. She screams like she is being tortured. The ladies at curves go bonkers. I am expecting someone to call animal 911 at any time during the procedure. Grace is the best in most all areas, but not this one. Someone must have hurt her (she is a rescue dog) because there is one paw that makes her go CRAZY NUTS... the other paws she is fine with. Well we made it......then drove on home and she was fine. This makes taking children for their shots look like an easy road compared to!! Seriously. But ALSWELL that ends well.... We are home and doing well.
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