Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pushin Popcorn

I need a new web cam with at least one pixel doi

Friday, October 30, 2009
Of course this isn't me...ya think I am going to post a picture of myself with my cheeks full of popcorn. Ok, yes it is! I cannot eat popcorn in way hose'! I stuff, cram, push , shove, and fill my mouth with handfuls of white puffed corn. And do take into consideration I am allergic to milk so the only kind I can have is PLAIN JANE!! Kettle corn. eeeeww. Yet now they have something called something with sugar... so I devour that once a year. I think its an old smoking issue myself. But corn doesn't go into the mouth as easy as smoke duh wad!! Even though I try to find a way to make that happen.... So I don't give into it too often.....and God forbid when I do no one can be present. I have a mirror on my desk where I put a bit of makeup on each morning before also presents itself when I "cram" popcorn on occasion...omg don't look, not even I wish to watch that show... I could YouTube it but it would embarrass my children so no no no....not going there. Even my dog looks at me and runs off to hide... The phone doesn't even ring while I am stuffing... I avoid most all corn products. Maybe I shouldn't.....maybe that is why I am cramming the stuff...maybe its a secret craving for the betterment of my body... Don't think so Jackson... I "got " enough salt induced cellulite for everyone on my block. At least after corn intake. (of which I sprinkle garlic salt onto) Am I nuts? No, just on occasion need a heck of a uplift and use popcorn to get my fix! Hey, I'm a baby figure it out. I can't beleive I ate the whole bag.....what a bag? I love my puns.
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