Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lucky or Unlucky

Maria and I arrive at our Psychiatrist Client 's home yesterday around noon. When we arrive she is home which never happens. You see we have never met her, she hired us sight unseen.
So in we go.... After all greetings and more salutations we comment on what a wonderful aroma is in the air. Psychiatrist says, "Mother is visiting (age 90) and making fruitcake. If you are lucky you will leave with one, and if your not you wont."
Maria and I finished our work, all the time believing we might get to share the physical sense of said aroma. Silently watching Grandma sitting in her rocking chair reading, and secretly wondering why she hadn't gotten up to wrap up those two mini fruitcake loaves for us. But there was time. Then I made it a point to tell her I was going to finish up the foyer on my way out. She said it was nice meeting us and we responded likewise. We left, got to the trunk of my car.....I looked at Maria and said, "I guess we aren't lucky huh?" Maria said, "Guess not!" All the time I was thinking, "What a thing for a psychiatrist to say to people....Just in case Grand Mommie Dearest did not give us a fruitcake, which in fact happened! I know we are lucky anyway.... just thought the comment interesting. What would the shrinks shrink say was her reason? Wait a dont think that unlucky thing had anything to do with me forgetting to rinse the pan I made my Ham and cheese omelette in this morning do you? I took one bite and tasted Dawn Foam dishsoap. The dog wouldnt even eat it! OMG...I have to speak to that unlucky stream of words someone sent me and erase it from MY SPACE!
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