Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I do not know the name of the lady holding the cardboard under her arm that reads "Need Help..." I can't recall if it said anything else....I just knew that I knew I had to look for some money for her. The dog was laying quietly next to her and believe me, I was freezing cold out there. Just then my phone rang and behold it was my bank asking if I did the past three transactions to so and so and such and such a place!! I am not sure it really is my bank, all the while digging for money and the lady watching me... I was looking for a twenty and only found a five $$ and a couple one $$'s... Then suddenly there it was....the twenty $$! I hung up with the bank, (have you ever tried to hold a cell phone with your isn't a good thing) grabbed the twenty $$, handed her the twenty, the five and the two ones all crumpled up. She got sooo excited and said, "Oh, Oh, that's enough for the car part we need." She was willing to sit there until she got whatever she needed. I asked her what her story was. She told me she was from Kentucky. Her Dad is ill with Cancer so they drove up here to help and be with him....he has been out of work due to illness so he is unable to help them. She said the car broke down once and now again so they needed a part for it. I wished her and her family the best and walked away. Suddenly I pulled out my camera, walked back and asked her if she would mind me photographing her. (of which I messed all three up somehow, they are blurry) I assured her it was for merely personal reasons such as my blog. She smiled and responded with a kind, "Yes of course." The dog kept moving around so another passerby helped me by talking to the dog... I do not know the ladies name, but her clothes were not in very good shape. The dog looked healthy...... I silently wondered if it was a setup, ragged clothes and all......
I was in my car and noticed the lady, Iris, and a man (who I hadn't seen before) walking across the parking lot to the AUTO PARTS STORE! S H U T U P!! I was soooo happy. They really did need a part for their car. Now whether there is a Father with Cancer or whether the ragged clothes were a set up.... I don't care. They were in their mid to late twenties and needed a car part. Is all.
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