Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Could Be Like Rachael Ray....

I could be like Rachael Ray, if I gained a few pounds and talked louder that is. Maybe having a few good connections works too. Even so.... Everyone puts recipe's and cooking on their blogs and I never have. I rather do life recipe's of what not to do even if it's too late. So today I shall share the last homemade chicken soup from my 84 year old Father's garden. Not the soup, the ingrede's. While I was preparing the soup I was snacking on Grandpa's (Dad's) yummie Squash that is out of this world sweet, no sugar added, organic, and fresh as a bad boy. Less the organic on the bad boy of course. The dog even liked it. Huge carrots, beautiful potatoes, onions, (I bought the celery) Range Chicken breasts and sea salt with Grandma's dry broth mix. No bull cubes please eeeww. This soup cures all, just ask anyone that has rec'd it while ill. Maybe its the love its sent with, or maybe it really is the combination of ingredients. I just know it works. I used my George Foreman grill for the chicken breasts, and my dumplings usually are called Giblets from my Granny's old German recipe, but today I used Bisquick...or however you spell it. I use Bis-quick once every two years so I am not up on the spelling....I am up on the how bad it is for me. After the soup cools I will transfer it to clean saved GLASS pickle jars for easy transport and no BHA or BJS or whatever that is in plastic that kills when it comes in contact with heat. No killing with plastic around here. Enjoy the healing soup... It is amazing.
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