Sunday, November 8, 2009


My own personal life experience with Godparents has been less than what I was raised to beleive their role in life is. In other words, sucks Canal Water! The definition of a God Parent is a person that makes the decision to accept responsibility for a child's rearing in the case of the parents that child is to be special in the God Parents life. Better than Sponsoring a ball team. Today I say God Parents suck. My parents chose two people (which is the norm) to be my God parents. They felt, let's say, above others in my life, although only on paper....but I reaped nothing from it.... no phone calls, no I love yous......nadda! So I followed suit of family tradition and chose God Parents for my first three children of which NONE have done squat. Not even Birthday cards, Come on! Acknowledgement hello! God Parents! Read that carefully. Look it up, Godparent rules for dummies. Maybe its on EHow somewhere... I would give much for someone to have given me the privilege of being a Godparent to any child.....yet my experience with said gift has been null. That means NEGATIVE, & some call it DARK. My God Parents, nevermind. My first child's God Parents, well one is dead and I cant even remember who the other one is. My second child's God Parents were just plain a total family dysfunction...don't ask. So I tried it one more time.....third Child's God Parents really sucked...They didn't even know what it meant~!~ and they lived in the Bible belt.. I call that a case of the "dumb ass!" I can call it what ever I chose yet the result for my child would have been sad and disturbing should I have croaked before he grew up. So I do what I can to make up for the losers I chose. Let me make a list, nevermind, not healthy... I am trying to find humor in something really quite serious and not funny. How do I find myself with people I have no-thing in common with....they know no God. So the next two children have no God Parents thank God! Because none is better than one that does naught. Some call them "Sponsors." Think on that one....
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