Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Clear Moment

This is an old 35 mm slide from my Grandfathers collection....1950's I think it needs photoshop color repair, but it reminded me of today and not 60 years ago. (I was barely alive if there is such a thing)

It is 7:00 a.m. and time to take Gracie Allen outside which can be annoying some days as all who own dogs understand. But today was diff. No one in sight when at least one thousand live within this block of space on earth. I could call it "My Space," because it is and it especially was this morning. I lost track of the date, the time, and where I was. Why? I don't know exactly except it was euphoric like I hear a drug would be. Like Morphine before surgery.... Who was giving me this moment in time and why? The smell of the air held a meaning of such goodness and memory that I kept breathing it in as deeply as I could. I was asking the Universe what this meant or where it came from. I looked up into the specially blue sky only to see the moon in all its cratered glory looking at only me, telling me how much more there is that I cannot see with my human eye. Well I was willing to see it with my spiritual eye but that didn't happen...or maybe it did, only every other of my four senses plus was working overtime. Maybe I should have tried harder to just enjoy it instead of trying to remember it. Emotions came to visit also. I thought maybe it was a memory of another time when things were wonderful. Children bustling about, pancakes on the griddle, a soul mate offering and sharing.... It wasn't the same smell and feeling that I get from my Grandma's farm early in the morning from back in the 50's... No, this was clean, crisp but not cold, sunny but not hot, this was perfection. There was no place for worry, pain, fear, or any of the grey and certainly no place for any black on my block. I actually lost Grace for over a minute in time. Something I never do as she had no harness on this fine morning. I don't think Grace noticed the fairy like magic that had come over me but she did sit by my feet waiting for me to come back to the grey senses of this world which I really didn't do until I opened that front door. I didn't want to leave it. "It" being the total feeling of security where there is none. "It" being the total feeling of love where there isn't much of. "It" being the total feeling that no matter what everything is alright so just go with it......" Even if "It" was only the smell of a wonderful memory, but I know better! I received a gift from the moon? From the Universe? From God this morning during Gracie's podie time. How ironic. I am a very lucky person.
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