Friday, November 20, 2009

Bear Lady

As you all know by now Maria and I have nicknames for some of our clients. Cant help it, tried, but it just is what it is.... For instance, Goldfish lady if you recall kept the dead family goldfish in a bowl in the corner of the family tub for six months easy! Then there is Candyman who has bags and bags and bags of candy, not cookies or cake, CANDY next to his bed, next to his easy chair and TV, on his workstation, and all about the kitchen counter!! Seriously. Then there is psycho bia-tcha who cant do confrontation but can holler and then run to her bedroom. Seriously again. Recall the Analyst? Or is that Annalist humm? The client that sees dust where there is none.... sort of like an anorexic that sees fat when there is NONE! SAME THING different sight seeing. Also we have dog lady, marble lady, and today is Bear Ladies day... But before I go there let me say Maria and I adore most all these people. They are kind, loving, hard working, lovely people. We just cant help but nickname them according to their ways of life. God only knows what they would nickname us. OK back to Bear Lady...and I don't mean bare naked! She loves stuffed teddy bears and has them all over her gorgeous condo. She has elegant furniture and artwork all amongst the bears. Big bears, little bears, dressed bears, picture frame bears, her own dog named Lil Bear, anything you can think of bear. They are in the bathrooms, the living room, the bedrooms, the office, and they even have their own room, The Bear Room. I took a few pictures and seriously I mean only a few!! I could have used a roll as they used to say in the old days. Now its, "I could have used the entire time on a Sony canon battery!" But as I said, I only took a few. Enjoy! And do believe me when I say there are at least 600 bears in that Condo.... Its quite a cushy place if you like being cushy with Teddy's. Do you think they each have a name?
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