Friday, October 9, 2009

Wishbone City by Diane Ogden

How many people do you know would allow anyone to see their little collection of dried up wishbones? Me! Only because I just came upon them packed in a box since 2003. That means they are yaaah, six and a half years old. They aren't eewww. They don't smell. They are a bit crusty. They do sort of remind one of a skeleton. Or a pile of skeletons. That is eewww. Well here is my explanation. Every time we had a family holiday turkey or just a turkey I would save the wishbone on the window sill to dry out. When it dried there seemed to be too many people wanting their wishes granted and no way of sharing it.....sooo I put it in my jewel box. Then again and again and again until I had too many at which time I put them in a baggie back in the bottom compartment of the jewel box. Always thinking someday someone might need a really big wish to come true. Yup that's it. So in the beginning it was no way to share one little wish (bone) with ten people and then it became me saving it for One Big Wish someday. Or maybe I will auction them off on EBay....
How much should I price them at? Or back to the jewel box? Naaahh
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