Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who Talks to Themselves 24/7.....Mothers!

I am sooo afraid this will happen to me. Along with a few other of my Mother's little and or big habits. Maria, my client helper, came into the H1N1 Virus and has been off work a few days so I called Mother to help me out. Watch my back ! Actually Mother can work a few circles around me for some reason I haven't figured out. Personally I believe it to be the fact that she "got to" take the horse mare urine (estrogen) for many many years and I cant. Ya think she did that on purpose? She looks my age instead of the 79 or 80 that she will be on Monday. She developed the big breast C word from taking said horse mare urine for too long and too high of a dose. That being said, I get none! So I am the wrinkled mess someone could make a purse out of and she runs across the yard while I borrow her cane. S H U T U P! Back to my point of story. We greet four clients in two days.... I show Mother around and then tell her the duties at hand....she goes about her work like a little elf EXCEPT.....she talks to herself 24/7 and I left my headphones in the car! She talked to the toilets, the towels, the tubs, the floors, the mirrors, herself about herself, the walls, the vacuum, the rags, the sponges, the cleaners, the people that lived there that couldn't hear her, (telling them why did they do this or that and how it should have been done!) And one that was home... thank God that client giggled with me in regards to the distant chattering from the Mother of all chattering genes! No shiet! I swear I became closer to God the past few days due to my constant praying to that God for patience. And for him to break any and all genes and cells that might ever have come my way from that side of the generational gene pool..... I will say, "at least she has someone to talk to." And I am sure its all my Dad's fault if you ever ask her. I will end by saying she did an excellent job to the point of clients emailing me saying so. And might I add telling me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful Mother etc and so on.... Hey, she was on her best behavior for two days... there's more to her as each and every one of us know about our Mother's..... but for now, it was a good experience. Ever heard of "write that down, it might not happen again!" That is exactly what this is all about here right now. My mentor Fred would freak at me writing those words...(you know "it might not happen again") too negative she would say.... Me...I am just happy to write it down cause it did happen. Happy Happy Day.... p.s. the photo is NOT of my Mum! ha
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