Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh My, It's a Herd of Diane Ogden

I was outside my first clients home this morning around 9:30 a.m. The air carried a chill like many October mornings do in Wisconsin. It was a very quiet morning considering I was in a parking lot of a large condominium estate, yet the only sounds were from a few singing birds who have not left for Arizona yet. Dummies. Suddenly I heard a voice, then more voices. I turned toward the North and to my delightful surprise it was not birds, but Six hot, way too young, men, walking the "hot" black pavement, (I'm practicing my writing skills) obviously they made it hot - considering it was 42 degrees outside at that time. Have you ever said what you were thinking all the time not meaning to? I said loudly, "Oh my, It's a herd of men!" I could not believe I said that, but I had. The leader of the "Pac," I could tell he did not know what to say - of which I don't blame him after a momentary thought about what I had just said... He responded with manly man words such as ......"We're just making sure your safe out here." Maybe he thought I thought the pac was coming for me and wanted to assure me they were not assaltive. Is that a word? I thought, omg in my dreams! I wanted to say, "Wow, Haven't seen this many men all at once since the "fire in my oven" (I love my puns) fifteen years ago when fifteen gorgeous firemen came with red trucks, sirens, hoses and all the equipment necessary!! And before that the last time I saw that many men all at once was High School. (I should get out more) As they came closer I said something I cannot remember but I do know I was trying to fix an awkward momentary situation between seven individuals. Me being one. The "Pac" or "Herd" leader said they were there making sure the property was all in order. They must have been owners of the condo properties I presumed. I lightened the mood and the color of my face with a comment regarding what a beautiful brisk day for their walk about. They agreed. And off I went to work leaving my fantasies in the parking lot. Just kidding about the fantasy thing. (there I go again, punning it)
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