Thursday, October 1, 2009

Movin on up! To the East Side???? by Diane Ogden

To me that means moving to a better place, a more prosperous place, be that a different street or State! Remember George and Wheezy? I should dance all the way...Tonight my son asked me to move to L.A. and live with him, so ...... I cried some Mr. "L.E. Phant "tears and then I wondered how I would sleep due to the stuffed nasal passages. I did the hot salt water up the nose, thanks.. I am fine now for a minute or six. I talk so darn big...having a dream of moving to L.A. near my boys, yet scared silly of doing it. Son says to start the Green Cleaning business again in Beverly Hills, right next door to where he and I are going to live! There I said pueck or not to pueck. Hey get ahold of always wanted to do the Baby Boom thing and move to Connecticut or Vermont was it? Make gourmet applesauce and sell it to all the rich folk..... Big dreams little guts? Son says sell it all, buy some new. Omg! He has forgotten my age. Surely. Been about eight years since he has been around me much. That means he saw me last when I was around 53 ish. And since then I have osteo in the hips, sciatica in the ass, and fear as a freak. Oh I forgot I have God. I can do anything as long as I keep my Intention at hand and The Secret in my forefront and Xanax in my pocket. And then there is Grace! Son says find a great place for Grace to live. No way Hose Chihuahua! I found Grace and she has kept my life going.... What to do? I...wont leave my dog! Could find Lucy a home, but no way on Grace. She depends on me.
Son says in Cali one doesn't need health get "free care." Guess that means sitting in a free clinic until such happens (care that is) and that is for colds and flu, not old age issues. Omg. How did I get here? I do numerology and my numbers say I NEED security above all else yet it is the one thing I have not. I almost got on my knees earlier...but told God to listen as tho I were on my knees considering it's too hard to get back up if at all. Hope he heard me. L.A. with Grace or not? Grace has been my best friend...won't leave her behind.... there is much more..... like I have almost eighty sweaters stuffed in drawers and on shelves and in bags, tons of winter jackets and boots..... I have one nice pair of summer slacks, a couple linen tops, (the washer ruined everything in one load as the bleach dispenser miscalculated its timing) no shoes (have to get to foot doc first) and he isn't free! If I hear correctly and I still have that going on.....its warm year round in L.A.
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