Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just a Touch.... by Diane Ogden

Well I don't mean you have to hug me every time you "pass me by." Actually I thought this picture was so interesting I wanted to use it today... What I do mean is that touching someone can change their day and even their life. Touching by some whose energies are clear and positive can heal sickness. Touching by anyone with kindness behind the touch is uplifting to a place we should be at all times anyway. Higher than lower for sure. Some people rarely ever get touched by another human being. That isn't good. Some can afford spa massages and Rieke touch and pedicure and foot massage and so on. Some cannot. Where did all this touchy talk come from? I was at a clients home the other day, actually someone I hadn't thought of so kindly on occasion. She hasn't learned how to deliver herself to the world in such a manner that she is likable. I had purchased something for her home that she needed. That was a big step for me as it obviously isn't my home.... (She was also aware that my company had donated some time to Habitat for Humanity work) This prompted her to walk over to me and put her hand on the top of my arm (you know that flabby part after 40). Her hand was very gentle, with good energy ...I could feel and sense that. She said, as she touched my spirit and flesh, "You are such a good person Diane, you do much for other people."
WOW! I didn't mean to. And not to toot my own horn, or blow my own whistle because obviously I don't even realize it. But when she touched my arm something happened to me. I felt like a child who was told she was alright, OK, good, wonderful, and just plain great! I felt a surge of energy pulsate thru me like I was the energizer bunny gone dead, and now recharged. My bells were clanging and my step was higher, and my mind was clearer, and I felt I could go on forever. No pink bunny suit, just me, a simple ordinary human being that must have needed a touch. Now where the heck do I get another one? I guess by giving.... The best part of this little touchy feely story is that I got knocked in the head every so gently by I suppose God, telling me not to talk or think badly about anyone...keep it level and clear so the positive good energy can keep coming thru to me. Don't block it! So what'd he do? He used someone I had thought ill of to reach me. touch me... I said I was sorry!
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