Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bloody Leg by Diane Ogden

Does it look like ALSWELL? Every year I put the bloody leg out the trunk of my car. Until last year when some jerk stole it. So I bought another one and now every night I put it in the trunk for safety. I drive allot in my city so you can imagine what I see regarding the bloody leg. I do get concerned it might cause an accident but much less distracting than cell phones, eating McDonald's while driving or putting lipstick on. Today I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a lady taking a photo of my car. It startled me until I saw her laughing as the flash went off....then I knew it was "The Bloody Leg!" It does make people happy and laugh wherever I go... And that's the idea....I spread joy with a Bloody Leg... duh. One would think I could come up with better ways but for now, its "The Bloody Leg." Basically it means there is a dead body in my trunk that has experienced severe trauma. Isn't it interesting what makes people laugh? I wouldn't ever drink and drive and especially wouldn't with "The Bloody Leg" hanging out the trunk! I don't drink and drive sshheessh... Maybe I should drive it around on country roads late at night...then again, maybe not.

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