Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not the Mentalist, the Analist...by Diane Ogden

Definition of the slang term "Anal": Compulsive or very picky about doing things a certain way.

Have you seen the new TV show called the Mentalist. I love that show.. I experienced a new client today I would call an Analist, whose home was PERFECT when Maria and I arrived. I mean perfect. The dog cant even eat until she gets home so she can clean it up immediately. Nor does the dog get water until she is home from work and can clean that up immediately also. Maria and I stood there somewhat in shock after she left, then we noticed the dog who was looking at us with this dear little poutty face, at which time Maria and I looked at each other and then....omg for a camera! Maria says in a far away little high squeaky voice, "Help me, Help me, Save me!" You know pretending to speak for the dog... I wailed with laughter. One of those perfect moments in a perfect house.
Client asked me to dust the sides of her dresser!....I was afraid of her house it is sooo perfect. Almost like my Mother. LOL... In the closets all the clothes are segregated by color....in the kitchen cupboards there are baskets to keep everything separated in neat perfect order. She gets upset if anyone walks on her carpet and messes up the vacuum lines...She wants to look at it for awhile first. Scary place indeed.... Yet pretty darn funny too....
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