Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working, Garage Sale, Diane Ogden

Remember I said sometimes doing a bit of a garage sale will thwart the or any shopping bug. Well sometimes it can enhance it which it did today.... Look what I found. Oh and for any future gifts please note I LOVE FAIRIES! I also believe in them. When I was a child I played fantasy about a small man...(Lord I started way back when with the wrong idea) I always dreamed while awake about making him furniture, clothes, and how I would help him be safe. How to make him a soft bed and sheets and a bedspread.... See, I started out all wrong jeez. I could elaborate on the details of my fabricational fictional character but that will do. I will say I couldn't have been six or seven. I really got creative concerning my ideas regarding the care of this tiny human being. It was all mine and I really believed in myself and this imaginary endeavor. Back to shopping! I decided to make a stop at T.J. Max to get some linen spray and made a personal promise to myself before exiting my car...That promise was not to spend the $100.00 I usually spend at that particular store. And I didn't. I was so proud, why I only spent $78.00 and some cents. Once on a roll I couldn't stop. I have been planning on the Autumn redo of the Macy's Porch just a few feet from this computer. I try to make a pleasing appearance of my open porch as well as give my creative bug a "fix." So I came upon some Fall Foo Foo or is it Phoo Phoo, and bought it. Came home and unwrapped it all and took digitals of the "shopping feast."

Make note I did not forget my FACE.....And I need derma repair EVERYWHERE...I also purchased but did not photograph the all natural antibacterial hand sanitizer, the linen spray, and the all natural counter top cleaner..... And the beautiful very orange ceramic pumpkin! To match my lazy used scarecrow from the Gay-rage Sale! There will be more coming soon...
Notice the broken foot! I got a discount of $3 for that broken foot mind you....

He is so charming, this photo doesn't do him justice... Fairy Fred

I must have moved because she is blurry fairy.... Fairy Frieda

OK so I had some trouble making them stand up (I gave my Grands all my cutsie mini chairs... )
What a good time had by!

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