Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working, Garage Sale, Shopping, Walking the Diane Ogden.

I passed this on our a neighbors garden. Cool huh? I love reminders.

This is a field usually filled with wild flowers, baby rabbits, birds and such...then suddenly without telling the little critters, they cut them down! I found one flower left and a few beautiful purple clovers....This is behind my complex where Grace and I walk.

This wild looking monster is Lucy...a gentle lady who is caged inside the Macy's porch. Silly thing doesn't know she can jump over and out! Every time I take Gracie Allen dog for a walk Lucy cries like a monster as you see here. This is the view upon our return.....sad huh? Do not worry, I brush her daily and love her dearly... Hey I saved her sorry ars from certain death. She was emaciated and dying when I found there. She is loved!

The lonely flower aside the chopped up field of God only knows what.... at least a bit of beauty left behind the blades..

Yes, I have to pass this emblem each and every time I leave the premises why not call it in with a digital! BMW...Big Mama's Wish

I am really not big, but what other word would have worked?

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