Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where Do I Belong? by Diane Ogden

Some say bloom where you are planted. Sure fine, OK, S H U T U P! I can do that bloom thing and I have by the by,
but.... I have always dreamed of living in New England most of my life...never been there. Odd huh? And no its not the Kennedy Royalty wannaby deal! Must be a yearning from one of my past lives. Really. Ever since I saw the movie "Baby Boom" with Diane Keaton.... I even have all her lines memorized if I ever get stopped by a policeman....yup I do. I cant remember a few minutes ago, but I got those lines down! She left the fast life, bought a beautiful Yellow (my fav house color) colonial with a pond and apple trees all about it. The small town nearby was totally Victorian. Right down to the ice skaters on pond and of course at Christmas time... She and the local veterinarian fell in love and married.. Of course, of course, a horse is a horse! Oh, and the best part is she had so many apples she didn't know what to do so she made organic baby applesauce and made millions of money's! Moral of this story is, Do not move to New England without a huge stash of money....organic applesauce is an old re-run these days. Dream on about this one!

Another lifelong dream was to move back to Austin, Texas where I have the happiest memories. Seven years of my life were lived in Austin. I have memories of great friends as well as it's a beautiful city. Sometimes I think about Benny....God I wonder what ever became of Benny? I don't know his last name. He was an usher at the Orpheum theatre downtown and it was love at first Jr. High site. We went to see South Pacific together and necked in the balcony. He could pull strings and get us up there alone! I don't neck in exotic royal balconies anymore, but if I do I will make sure I write down the last name for future blogs....back to..... The majestic red velvet covered divider ropes that always swooped down and hooked to the next elegant post...then the next and the next. Those were to either keep people out or keep them in line.. Reminds me of Tara, the plantation home of Rhett Butler and Scarlet OHara.... back to....."I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair, I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair, and send him on his way! The words to one of the songs in South Pacific.... I have let the dream of Austin go, as there is no one I know there...and none of my children there. Anyways I cant remember Benny's last name so whats the use? But as you see in the photo, The Orpheum is something to remember. But then so was Benny!
I need many more youthful years to finish my wanton life living area destinations... Tuscon is someplace I would like to live for a few years. I could visit my oldest son who resides in a Federal Penitentiary there. No one visits him ever. He cannot have any emotions for that is weakness and he would be harmed if any of the inmates saw such. A once a week visit would be wonderful. For any Mother and son. Well most anyway.

Now my biggest dream or desire is to move to L.A. Well somewhere outside L.A. in a small suburb. I have thought of searching out a well paid Nanny position but I cant swim and not sure I can keep up with little ones anymore. I could sell PrePaid Legal policies. I could start another Green Cleaning business. My two sons live there. Just to have a Sunday dinner with them once a week or so would be "marvelous martha." I might even head down to Universal and be an extra in some movie. Just for kicks! Hey I can look just like Ruth Buzzi if I try hard and carry a cloth bag. Not sure there is any call for Ruth Buzzi look a likes. ha.
I have a son here but he doesn't come to visit, nor does he call. I have Grandchildren here but they don't come to visit and rarely ever call. It would seem to my mind, and my mind is very big indeed with many thoughts and much wisdom also....(back to my point.) It would seem to me by all things seen and unseen, that I do not belong here. Since the day I moved to Wisconsin, August, 1987, it has been one horrible struggle with no let up. Facts are facts.....One disaster after another. And I mean disasters. Some said I was cursed but that's silly isn't it? Before I moved here I was successful, happy, and much kinder, why "hell" I lived in the Bible belt! Not conservative Wisconsin and in a liberal College town! So whoever said Bloom where you are planted, can stick it up their ....... NOSE! There are different soils for different plants .... they also need food and water. Manna some call it.... Something to keep them going. Just like a car needs gas and oil.... or it dies.
I need money and a moving van! I wouldn't even look back. Nor would I ever move back!!
The plate on that little bug says L A WOMN
Mine in reality says ALSWELL....hummm. Told you I tried!
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