Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Wasted Life! by Diane Ogden

Last week was an unusually "shitty" week. Troubles were seeping out from under doorways, cracks in the cement, corners of the ceilings. Well maybe that's a bit a drama going on there, but it was somewhat extreme. Me, I need a day to get over even one incident so to gather my emotions properly but they were stacking up like hotcakes and they were hot indeed. Each with its own little and big issue. Might as well have been little pebbles inside each hot cake and when bitten into the sharp grind and blackened pain when a tooth hits an unsuspecting pebble with a force not contemplated...ouch! That was my week. So on Friday I said to whoever was lurking in the atmosphere of my world or home, "What a wasted life!" And to my shock and surprise, as I know it wasn't the dog or cat or even dead Grannie, well maybe her, a very strong, yet gentle voice delivered to me these words: "NO! Waste is feces, garbage...your life is not a waste! Get out of the garbage can, stay out of the toilet, you do not belong under doorways or up in the cobwebs in corners, or in the cracks of broken cement because you are not broken and you are not poop and you are not old garbage...get back on solid ground! Get up on the bridge and be only an observer of life's other side.. do not participate in such trash tales for then you become a part of them. That is what happened to you in such a short time. A stack of waste hit you and you participated. Your life is not a waste product, rather a glowing display of goodness and love and sharing and caring. You are an amazing Mother for anyone that allows you into their lives or homes."
Like I said I don't think it was the dog that spoke to my mind and heart. Nor was it Grannie this time...(I couldn't smell her.) So I figure it was the big guy not in the sky, but in my spirit firmly pulling me back to the flowers and beautiful blue sky. Or even back to the dirty carpet in my home and reality... I'll get it cleaned, hang on.....although the bathroom is due for a scrubbing. Too bad have a birthday party to go to today. Maybe tomorrow, I've had enough of "waste" for a while. I love my puns! One final little note here. Never say, "What a waste of time" either....for time is precious and a gift.
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