Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Made Today Paradise....NOT! Diane Ogden

Every morning I get up, make my coffee, half decaf, half "real punch," and I don't mean red with fake fruit. Then I turn on my computer and check my emails in hopes someone, anyone, has sent me something, anything. Hey, it's all I've got. Not really.....but it is unfortunately what I look forward to each morning. My face book friends are playing Farm and gambling games and so on....sending each other roses and hugs and farm animals and just plain dumbass things. OK so they arent dumb, I could be slightly envious because they are all retired and I am still working hard every day. But I still check to see if I received any dumbass things. And then I check my mentors blog to see what inspirational wisdom she has for me and all the rest of the world. She is good! Today was, wait I forgot, I have to go check. Seriously. Hey not that it wasn't a wonderful message, just my brain screaming for a cat scanner and dye. Erase that bad thought. Be right back...OK it says.... "Make Today Paradise"...that was the name of it, I knew that. She went on to say its a new day, new ideas, new thoughts, new energy, new cells in your body, new successes, new prosperity (I could use new shoes, a car)....CASH FLOW COMING IN! Well prosperity also means other good things but for me CASH FLOW COMING IN! She said, "Let the old be old and stay in the past." I'm old, maybe that is why I stay in the past too much as my blog professes continually." I have some big old stuff from my old past that I need to speak on... which only means I will turn the old past lemons into new blog energy. I could start with the time in 19 doo day day year, when a drifter stopped by our home and held me captive as an infant until he was prepared a good meal. Then he gave me back and moved on. Story of my life! (By the way that picture is not the drifter that came across the field in the late night and held me captive, duh. No I found it online) More stories to come.... AND...keep thinking happy every day, even if someone runs over your mailbox!
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