Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"THE" Garage Sale by Diane Ogden

This is Mother....Itook it the other day... she is 79!!
(photo not of our garage sale) I will work on getting a true pic of the funny farm garage sales.
As a family we always knew Mother wanted to have her own shop in our little town in Wisconsin. And as a family we all thwarted those efforts because we all also believed our Mother would own the town junk shop. She loved to garage sale and loved to shop and find deals at St. Vincent de Paul's. I think we should have let her have her dream.... because now we have to live with her being the town Garage Sale Queen. But I must add that she can set up a garage sale to look like a Macy's Window. No lie for sure! Dad cant get his truck in the garage for about three months out of the year, but then he
has a shed to use. My phone rings often with her inquiries as to if I have gotten her any more hangers. She hired a handy man to put up special racks for clothing...Yup Paid someone $20 an hour to fix the broken wheels on a trash can so she could re sell it, and put the clothing rack up! Does that make sense? Sure if you are 79 and need something to occupy your life with. She gave up on the computer as all they can get is dial up! I agree, dial up is nuts. And Mother is very impatient so you can only imagine how my phone rang on that deal...glad its gone. Now she is happy to just play solitaire.... She also wanted to turn the barn into an antique business....and restaurant...now that is a good idea. And I wanted to turn the old grainery into a cute bungalow! Even rent it out or have it there for family members if anyone is even in need. That went over like a lead balloon! Maybe they thought I would be the one in need. eeeww. The Grands become teens and it would be a great place for teens ...like a glorified tree house on the ground. Not sure where that came from. One of the famous garage sales is coming up Sept. 15th. Am I ready? Nope and the phone is ringing every couple days asking me where are my labels, where are the hangers, where am I? My dog loves to go to the garage sale so....off we go on Friday! What a week, Lil Bear's first dog birthday party, Mother's Macy's garage sale, blood work.... wow, I think I better go back to E-harmony. That was funnier! (But not really less work)
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