Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Buick Car.... by Diane Ogden

As you all might recall, Mummie Dearest gave me her beige Buick with white walls and mud flaps. And I have learned over the years to be grateful for gifts. They are free. But I wasn't quite ready for a Buick yet. Ever see a Buick on the road without a white haired little lady barely able to see over the steering wheel, or an elder man with a baseball cap or an Elliot Ness/Soprano/Italian hit man hat on!? Me either. And if you pass any local restaurant after 6:30 a.m. all the different colored Buick's are lined up out front. But again, it was free and in good condition. Too bad Mummie didn't like BMW's huh? No matter, she is running well. Haven't come up with a name for her yet. Only one that seems to fit is "Helen." I am laughing at my own joke. "Helen!" oi. That car does look like a Helen. Today I decided to get "her" washed at the "where they do it" car wash. I get anxiety if I go thru the cheap ones and I am stuck in the car with all that noise and water coming at me... ..eeeeeewww. I was walking thru the corridor to go pay when I spotted the spots. OMG! They had my name all over them..... I didn't think twice. I grabbed those floor mats and paid hard earned cash for them. If I have to drive a Buick with white walls and mud flaps, then its Leopard floor mats all the way. I might just get some leopard seat covers and throw pillows. Oh wait, the throw pillows might be going to far. Like stuffed animals in the back window. eeewww. I know, my life must be real boring to put leopard floor mats in my car! And to even consider seat covers. But I am considering it. Least there is no would only be for effect anyway...And at the least I am not wearing big red hats with feathers. Close though huh? Of maybe beyond!!
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