Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bath and Body Shower Glove Killer.... by Diane Ogden

I was shopping for cotton gloves yesterday and ran across some Body Benefits Bath and Shower gloves. I decided to buy them as winter in coming soon and exfoliating is a good idea so half your body isn't left on your socks and other clothing...eeww. As I was putting groceries away and toiletries I threw the gloves into the shower stall. Next day getting ready for a family birthday party, I turn on the shower, get in and see the gloves laying on the shower floor all wet. Humm, wonder how that will be trying to get wet gloves on. Actually that was not the hard part... the hard part is, they were wrapped, stapled, and sewed together like someone might try to steal just one. It was like opening and removing a Barbie Doll from its Super Max box at Christmas while taking a shower. Yes indeed. Actually I think a higher power was trying to stop me...if I could have heard any voices they would have said, "Stop, these are really "Killer Gloves" from Taiwan!! But no I never listen. I started scrubba dubbing when pain became present. I thought to myself, "What the hell?" Then I noticed more pain .... "These things should come in degree's of grit... like sandpaper. Did I buy the wrong grit?" As I continued, (I never know when to stop) I wouldn't have to shave under my arms, or legs! All moles were either damaged or disappeared... Then I decided to check Google when I got out of their without bloodshed to see if we were at war with this country that sent these Killer Gloves here. I also got a free pedicure and any varicose veins ran for hiding. There was no nail polish left on any of my extremities. My face looked like I'd been taking drugs for acne... the color of fire. Not what I intended for sure. I checked the label to see what the ingredients of the gloves were....nothin stated. I say bamboo shoots! O well, live and learn, it's a wonderful life, especially when you shop at Wal Mart..(which I try not to do) Only for doggie poddie pads! Sounds about right huh?
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