Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Gracie From Lil' Bear by Diane Ogden

Upon checking my mail two days ago, I found a piece of paper stuck to the top of my mailbox. I wondered what the heck is this? I opened it and stood dead still in my tracks. Deer in headlight sort of! It was addressed to my little dog Gracie and was from one of my clients dog Lil' Bear. It was a doggy Birthday Party Invitation. Lil bear will be one years old September 1st. That being said... We are to r.s.v.p. and meet by the big rock on the grassy area. (central area of their condos) There will be treats and water. (For us or the dogs?) And gifts are optional!
S H U T U P!! I was still the deer stuck on the hiway in my complex Fourier when I realized I realized I will be going to this "function."
This is my client and she loves her dog.  Actually her Grand daughter who is 12 set all this up and did an excellent job. I was at her home today....on business, when I saw all these little treat bags for her doggie birthday party....there I stood doin' the deer thing again only on her turf this time. And on the refrigerator was a checklist for her party. And the last line said, "Have a good party," with a large check next to it. I will be at the big rock on the grassy area at the selected time Sept. 1st.  No matter, but I will tell you one thing for sure! If she ever has a wedding or funeral or litter shower, I will not be attending. This is the only "doggie duty" I will be succumbing to. See Gracie's personal treat bag below! (p.s. Gracie doesn't like other dogs)
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