Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That Isn't Funny.... by Diane Ogden

Actually I cant think of anything funny this past week. I want to.....I am searching for it.....waiting patiently for it. What is it? It is something funny! Anything funny! The adventures of Old Christine wasn't even funny tonight. Nor was the calendar I chose after finally finding a 16 month stack of them...meaning I get the rest of 2009 which I need. I get home and I have chosen the only 2010 twelve month! Still no calendar and isn't it fun to return things. Not! The pile of cat pueck isn't fun either... suppose I should get to that soon. Just kidding. I know, that wasn't funny either. Add another stupid hair cut that cost as much as five oil changes. I thought I should faint at the pay out desk. Cant anyone cut baby boomers hair anymore. We don't want that bowl cut thingy. She cut all my long hair off. I even showed her a picture of "how not to cut my hair!" Well maybe she mis- understood the not part. My pony tail is gone and I liked it...I wanted it....this isn't funny. It's the third not funny hair cut this year. So guess what? I am not cutting my hair for a year at least. Now I can get my oil changed. The G.T.T. (German Tank Tromper) Man upstairs has quieted down....he got two notices from the office to stop it! And that wasn't funny. We shall see how his Saturday nite drunk and then follies go this week. That is a 3:00 a.m. G.T.T. I bought a sugar free brownie today... For someone who hasn't had any sugar/chocolate for over two months, I ate it all! Then a couple hours later I had enough gas to get me to Texas and back.... That wasn't funny. My dog is in heat....that isn't funny either. I am helping a client throw her 40th birthday house party on Saturday serving Margarita's...that might turn out funny. I am still watching and waiting for my funnies. They used to be there every day and if not I found them and made them as well. Must be just a little drought time in the funny waters is all. It'll be fine, life is grey sometimes. Better than black...ewww.
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