Tuesday, August 4, 2009

STUCK PICKLES!! by Diane Ogden

Maybe it's just me! Or should I say, "It could be just me!" I dislike ever saying "Just Me!" As it insinuates I am not important even to myself. Therefore I shall say, "It's not me, its the pickle jar!" Have you ever, of course you have, used your forefinger and thumb to pull a pickle from the small mouthed pickle jar? Even if you or I use a fork the pickle still gets stuck sideways in the mouth of the pickle jar. Who designed that darn jar anyway? Obviously someone who doesn't like pickles. Add the fact that the jar is tall, not short and round like it should be. Better find a LONG fork or LONG fingers for that one. I may purchase some wooden skewer sticks just for my pickle eating days. Wait, that wont help, they still get stuck sideways on their way out.....I find its like a video game, my pickle predicament is. It all depends on how you make your initial attack or should I say descent into the jar itself. Its all a calculated mathematical move that takes great fore thought. It'll save you time and frustration no doubt. Unless of course you buy the baby pickles..... nah, they aren't as good and crisp and satisfying....the little ones go down before the flavor hits your tongue...and they aren't a challenge either. Not that I need a pickle challenge! They come right out of the jar no matter how you pull them out. Pickles and People seem to be allot alike don't they? The babies are easier to get along with and the adults are fighters who hold back if anyone is trying to pull them through the mouth of a pickle jar or any area they don't wish to go. I still like the big ones! Pickles I mean, not people. www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/
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