Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Must Have Been Bored by Diane Ogden

I just had to have these little darlin's....

Beautifully embroidered "something....."

What a guy, such a happy face!

The used resting scarecrow....

I didn't take any snapshots, oops, they are called digitals now.... of my workday. I don't want to re-look at that. On my way home I stopped at a "garage sale." I don't stop at those too often anymore because I don't need too many things. Ya right! I came out of there with $9.00 worth and $3.50 of items sitting in a chair waiting for me due to no cash left. I ran to a store a mile away, bought a water and got $10.00 cash back. Than I came home with more goodies. I got a steam floor cleaner, a Conair hair setter as mine looks like a rusty truck roller over it and a dog at the same time. You try to pull all that icko hair off those rollers eeeww. Also I found a little bag of homemade cloth dolls I will post a picture of. And a beautifully embroidered "something." I will make a pillow out of it or frame it! The later I think. Surely I needed those items right? Sometime a little garage sale-ing wards off the big buys and satisfies the wanting desires for whatever.
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