Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Ate Beet Greens Today by Diane Ogden

Gracie Allen dog and I went to the old home farm yesterday... We came back with four potatoes, a small bundle of beets, two green peppers, and best of all some short fat all natural carrots. My fav are the carrots. Some years Dad grows carrots so big you can eat one slice of one carrot as a meal. Not this year, been too cold in Wisconsin for the garden to flourish as usual. Hope that doesn't mean we will get the 90's in September and October this '09! I love Autumn with its crisp air that seems cleaner than usual......Back to beets. Mother tells me to cook the entire beet with the greens still attached. (I would trust her more if she hadn't tried to poison me a few times at Holiday gatherings by using milk and cream even though she knew I am highly allergic to such! It was more important for her food to be the best then for me to!! Don't worry I forgive her. Heck she was only a child when she had me and that fact still remains many decades later.) (It has only been in recent years I found I liked beets) I wasn't sure whether to boil them or steam them?? I guess I could have Googled it or called the old farm but I rather decided to steam them. They were very good, the greens, stems and all...except for the few pieces of dirt here and there. I thought I washed them thoroughly but obviously not. Dirt is quite crunchy when that comes between your teeth and your beets...crunchy like rocks. eeewww. Not as bad as egg shells. I got past it, although I did "HOPE" it wasn't manuer!! Not funny! But then for all we know it might heal us of something we didn't even know we had... I mean hey, Mare Horse Urine makes us women beautiful and fun much longer..... how weird is that?
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