Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grace on the Other Side of the Bed by Diane Ogden

Let me introduce you to Gracie Allen, or Miss Congeniality. And let me add I did not place her on My pillow on My bed! In fact I am not sure how she got there. She has her own bed but like her food, mine seems to be better. I was passing through my bouduare (sp) when I noticed the little human dog stretched out on my bed. I quickly ran for the camera which is never far from my person.... She never moved while I took about 19 picutures....I got up on my bed standing over her and again, she never moved! Crazy dog or Smart dog or both. So this is what I live with! Grace is very easy going, considerate, quiet, and so so sweet. We are definitely attached at the pillow...well not really eeww.... but attached for sure. She rides in a special doggie car seat so she can see out the windows as we travel afar. Yah right, farthest we go is Stoughton to the funny farm. She loves the chickens that look like her..same color and all. They are afraid of her even though she never barks at them just stand and stares. She likes PaPa Joe and the Grandchildren and her buddie cat Lucy. They play and share the apt. when I am gone during the day. I love her but she does not get birthday parties, weddings, or litter showers!! She is my dog...adn when I say, "Where's my dog?" She comes to see me....Tammy Wynette can stand by her man but me, I guess I am sleeping with the dog....what else is new? Reminds me of an art print I purchased at a sale....It says "The Woman With a Checkered Past.." I hung it in my laundry room...I love my puns.

And so the blogga saga continues..... what saga? There is no saga! Just a dog and an old woman with a checkered past... now that is a "saga not." Isn't that a city in Michigan? Just kidding. What is a saga anyway? Google says: its a: narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; And so it goes! I like Google's definition for sure.

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