Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Ever Miss Your Grandma? by Diane Ogden

I was taking a shower this evening around 8:30 p.m. Nothing out of the ordinary when suddenly I found myself in tears.. I missed my Grandma. My Grandma Tillie Hiney. Who has a last name of Hiney? There is Hiney Wine with a mega zillion jokes, there is Judge Hjany whom I graduated with.... there is V J J type Hiney or is that the other end of the Hiney? I think so. Whichever and whatever I missed my Grandma Hiney Jungbluth who loved me I don't remember any human being loving me forever like she did and does. No one with boobs like hers to lay my head upon. Does that sound odd? Too bad, it just means I remember the fat Gramma I used to nestle is nestle-ing into. Whether that being a Grandmother, a good husband, a grown child, a friend, or a dog! Love is nestling into. Be it physical or mental. Grandma was a good woman. She never got what she deserved or did she? What do we deserve of life? What we give? She loved but she was pissed off too, and rightfully so. But even if we deserve to be pissed, we get pissed back then. Sucks huh? We, in reality, have to Dis the pissed and move past it, beyond it, and when I say beyond it I really mean that. Beyond this world past it.... Forgive and move on..... What a "hell" of a request. No, maybe its a "Heaven" of a request after all. I love and miss my Grandmother and I believe she has chosen never to come back "here" just as I have decided the same, after I leave this world... no way am I doing this crap again. I sure am glad she has been close to me all these years. Even as to throwing her picture off the wall to warn me of up and coming danger. Yup she did that! So this wasn't so funny a blog, but it is what it is for today. I feel her presence as I write all this . Love you Tillie, Dinny xxoo
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