Sunday, July 12, 2009

The "Will Have" Diane Ogden

I cut this photo of a TV out of a magazine years ago. I tacked it up on my "wish I had" or "will have" Dream board. I actually forgot about it because I eventually disrobed my "will have" board and put those items in a "will have" folder. Do notice the price of that 15 inch TV...S H U T U P!
$1,300.00. ha. I said years didn't I? I found a monitor and HDTV together for $263.00 in 2006. Still forgetting I had wished and believed for it in the past. Then one day when cleaning though and throwing out was going on I found the little piece of magazine you see posted here. I got what I wanted and for unbelievably less. I still have a house with a beautiful porch, certain furniture, and a couple other items on the "Will Have" board. I have a new board now! I suppose it should just say PEACE in the center of it all..... something we cant buy and need more than anything. Its free yet maybe the hardest to find, keep, and maintain. Even with a higher faith.
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