Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lip Honker Clusters Diane Ogden

No way! I have not been near any dirty fence posts! Those nasty three facial mishappenings on my upper lip and one between my nose and upper lip are disturbing and from stress only. I allowed stress to do this to me. And the photo is from google images. You can picture an 8 x 10 glossy of three of those honkers on my top lip and skin! I HAD a class reunion to attend this coming weekend. Ya think?? Or am I that shallow? I mean of course its what's inside that counts. Of course it is. betcha....uh huh...yup......YES...agreed! Am I going? Nope! I was so proud I was thin and genetically hummmm better, (for lack of a better word or course) and not fat like most my age ....omg, I suppose I am to humble myself once again in this life to show others reality and what it really means to be alive not look like. It's what's inside! S H U T U P! Class reunions have nothing to do with whats get it and get over the other thing. I don't have enough cover up for these Herpes like open diabetic type sores on my face. Granted the upper lip is swollen to the point of being an Angolie Jolie huh...ONLY if I have a sign saying so!! And I was concerned about the left brain wrinkles on the obviously left side. Well, hey , maybe the sores will take away from the wrinkles ya think? Yes they will take away from everything including the little black dress. Might as well go ride in the back of the Goodwill Truck and model that little black dress! I could get paid for that at least. I just cant go..... I just cant! Well maybe I them how to be real, and authentic like Oprah says and teaches. I wonder if she would go out in pubic, excuse me, I meant public, with sores on her lips and between her nose and lips to her class reunion. Yes she would, but only because she has millions, oops, billions and has by -passed all those pee-ons that might make a comment. Me too....I don't have billions, but I have all the rest .... I will have to think on this. I have three more days. Not long enough for those nasties to heal. In fact they tend to turn black before the final crust falls off and new skin appears....I would say 2010... OK so two weeks out. My good God.... are you trying to keep me away, or teach many others. Please, use someone else this time! Too Late! I have a decision to make. And then I plan to ask for a break today! and next month too... If I go you owe me big guy in the sky! Or right next to me in my eye! So what do I see????
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