Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Kipton Almost Died Diane Ogden

Little Kipton almost died today and his Mother didn't even know it and never will. I came around the corner to my clients home, put the car in park and proceeded to gather what I needed before getting out. I looked up and noticed a young boy about ten years of age on his bike crossing the street. Our large city zoo is just beyond the hill and the large round a bout that surrounds that hill. It's a one way totally round street that heads right into the street I was parked on and the street Kipton was riding his bike across. He looked both ways and saw nothing coming... nothing was there! Kipton was eight feet from the driveway of his intention when out of no where a fast moving car driven by a young man came speeding around the round a bout literally out of no where.. The young driver did not see the young boy and the young boy did not see the car speeding toward him. But I did. This all took place within less than 30 seconds time. And no one noticed but me until after it happened. Kipton flew across the street like a mechanical robot on physics time. The car roared around the edge of the round and missed Kipton by a mechanical, spiritual silimeter in time! Silimeter being my made up word for what I saw and experienced today. Suddenly in another silimeter of time both parties in this earthly near miss puzzle realized they almost had an occurrence of a horrible nature/action. The young driver slowed down thankfully not too late yet too late...and Kipton, being ten....thought about this for a split second then rode on ........ Me on the other hand.....had the world of my four boys and one girl flash before me instantaneously! Oh My God they boy almost got run over and killed just now and no one on this huge earth knows it but me! Me! I just sat there with this huge burden for a few seconds/minutes. Was this good or was this bad? Well I lived it alone and that was bad, but was good it that no one else had to live the bad but me. The good happened out. That kid lived and hopefully the young driver realized how close he came to taking a child's life for speeding near the zoo. Duh. Yet we all make mistakes don't we? That young driver could have been one of my four boys or one girl that almost took the life of a sweet boy named Kipton......therefore Thank God he got another chance and so did the boy....Me??? What the hell anyway? For what Godly purpose did I have to witness such a frightening, almost deadly miracle! For that I say. For the miracle of it all.....and this is a true story! thanks
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