Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Diane Ogden

Chris Dimitri Ogden

Well me oh my look in my eye! I missed the 4th of July! I woke up with a stiff neck, lasted for two days plus, (I'm being negative about tomorrow) my cat broke 0ut of our barricaded porch and caught a cute little gopher who lies in RIP on my deck! I don't do dead little animals...not birds, or gophers or mice! I freak the frick out on those little critters. Like call 911..My plants need water but ain't gonna happen until manager's boyfriend comes and removes tiny RIP dead animal. I can sit with a friends dead child and pray but not a dead small animal. I just hope I am not a reincarnated Crow....eeeewww... All I know is I cant do it. My Dad cant either and he isn't a reincarnated Crow. When I was a kid my brother, whose name is Linley Young, used to say, "WORMS, YOUR EATING WORMS..." whenever we had spaghetti and I would run from the table crying.. I could not eat. Dunno why that happens. Call it association maybe. And maybe it is just that and that is all it is. But that's allot! Back to point..I did not get any independence from any of that crap. I did although get to talk via SKYPE (George Jetsons' Picture Telephone service) to my son in Thailand for three hours no lie. He is an amazing teacher of life. He chalks religion...he has gone thru sooo much to get where he is and it is paying off. Cant wait for his video online teachings. He gave me Independence of all sorts! What a guy! Time to put this neck issue "to sleep" so I can work and never have to live by the river. I think I am laughing...
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