Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Saved Jack's Life, Well Maybe...No Probably by Diane Ogden

A few years ago our precious PeeWee (yes named after PeeWee Herman before he got caught doing the deed) Suppose we could have changed PeeWee's name to KiWi but we didn't. And we thought PeeWee was a boy duh. PeeWee didn't come home one day. She was about thirteen at the time. Four days passed and this was a never happening occurrence. Our family was frantic. There had been horrible thunderstorms for three of those four days. PeeWee was scared of storms which kept me from getting any sort or sound sleeping. I was put in touch with someone in our little home town called "Cat Lady." She told me to put PeeWee's dirty litter outside. Cats can smell their litter for up to one mile adn it will direct her home. She came dragging home nearly dead. I am thinking she was stuck in a storm drain or the like. The vet said she had liver damage and more. We nursed her back to heath but she was never the same. So frightened every day all day that eventually after she turned fifteen we had her put out of her misery. Back to Jack! The office girl at my apt. complex is totally in love with a young man named Ryan. Ryan called Jen to tell her his best cat Jack got outside and is gone. Someone left the garage door open and Jack hit the Jackpot! Gone! History! I remembered the "Cat Lady's" advice and passed it on. Holy Cat Jack came home and brought a friend with him... Probably some needy little lady cat. Glad this story had a happy ending as there were storms coming that night and he had been gone a couple days already. Happy Jack is Back.

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